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Most of us depend on smart devices, whether they are in our bag, home or city. Join us to make the IoT sector more ecofriendly.

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Why it matters

Our increasing digital carbon footprint

Global warming is an urgent threat to our ecosystem. And our electrical consumption is part of the problem.

As the number of IoT devices increases to 32 billion by 2020 (McKinsey 2016), so does its carbon footprint. Right now, it takes a lot of electricity to transfer data to and from devices.

Let’s do something about it.

That’s why we created The Citizen Network. It’s a global IoT network that lowers devices’ electricity consumption.

How it works

A Greener IoT

Our network uses the lowest energy form of connectivity. It’s powered by Bluetooth Low Energy™, which consumes around 3% of the electrical power required by Wi-Fi to transfer the same data.

It’s crowdsourced, with millions of smartphones acting as hotspots that help transfer anonymous data.

More efficientx33

more efficient compared to Wi-Fi

More global50+

active countries

Less power1%

battery impact of Nodle software on a smartphone


Join us to support greener IoT solutions.

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